I/O boxy, příslušentství

Midas I/O boxy a příslušenství

  • Midas DL251

    Midas DL251

    48 remote control mic/line audio inputs / 16 audio line outputs fixed configuration

    Switchable between 96kHz and 48kHz sample rates

    Midi out and thru

    Three AES50 ports

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  • Midas DL351

    Midas DL351

    64 audio inputs*

    64 audio outputs*

    Five card options of
    DL441 Analogue Mic / Line Input “I” card
    DL442 Analogue Output “O” card
    DL443 8 Analogue Line In and 8 Analogue Line...

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  • Midas DL451

    Midas DL451

    24 audio inputs*
    24 audio outputs*
    Five card options of
    DL441 Analogue Mic / Line Input “I” card
    DL442 Analogue Output “O” card
    DL443 8 Analogue Line In and 8 Analogue Line Out “TRS”...

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  • Midas I/O karty

    Midas I/O karty

    There are 5 different I/O cards:

    DL441 Analogue Mic / Line Input “I” card: for DL451, DL351 and PRO Series surface

    8 analogue mic / line inputs featuring premium...

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  • Midas DL431

    Midas DL431

    Front-panel control and local monitoring (can be used as a stand alone unit)
    Integral headphone amplifier
    Dual redundant PSUs
    Integrated three way analogue mic splits
    Four AES50 ports

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  • Midas DL371

    Midas DL371

    One DL371 included in a PRO Series Live Audio System
    N+1 PSU redundancy
    Dual redundant HyperMAC ports
    Eight AES50 ports
    Ethernet tunnel connection
    Word Clock and AES3 sync...

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  • Midas DL471

    Midas DL471

    Ten DL471s included in a XL8 Live Performance System
    Dual redundant AES50 ports
    Dual redundant Ethernet ports
    Advanced FPGA architecture
    4.8 Gigaflops of processing power per DL471

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  • Midas DL461

    Midas DL461

    Two DL461s included in a XL8 Live Performance System
    Integrated open-architecture AES50 digital audio distribution
    Fully duplicated network for redundancy
    Up to 100 metres of dual redundant...

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  • Klark Teknik DN9331 Rapide

    Klark Teknik DN9331 Rapide

    Simultaneous control of Midas digital onboard Graphic EQs and Klark Teknik digital EQ units
    4 banks of 32 channels
    4 user configurable GEQ groups
    4 user-configurable GEQ groups
    Global mode...

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  • Klark Teknik DN9696

    Klark Teknik DN9696

    Simple transport controls

    96 tracks

    96kHz audio

    24-bit resolution

    5 hours of solid state internal storage

    Mirrored drive capability


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  • Klark Teknik DN9650

    Klark Teknik DN9650

    Units support
    Audinate Dante
    Aviom A-Net
    Cirrus Logic CobraNet
    Digigram EtherSound

    144 Channels of high performance sample rate conversion


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